Seacoast Sweets: The Story Seacoast Sweets: The Story

Seacoast Sweets: The Story

Kirstyn Pearl, Founder: 

"For as far back as I can remember, my grandfather gave boxes of his homemade peppermint patties to our family as Christmas gifts. Like most kids, I would be excited for the holiday, but more than anything else, I looked forward to being able to eat his chocolates again. As we began to share with our friends and neighbors, demand grew to the point at which I recognized an opportunity. I approached my grandfather with the idea to sell his peppermint patties, he passed down the recipe, and out of my dorm room in 2010, the aptly named Seacoast Sweets was born.

My time at Bentley University inevitably concluded, and I shifted my focus to a career in the commercial real estate industry, another passion. Regardless of the demands of my new job, I could not deny the requests of family and friends who hoped to give the authentic New England treats as gifts. I began experimenting with new flavors and varieties, and as the boxed chocolates passed from hand to hand every holiday season, word spread and demand grew exponentially.

After recognizing this company as a vehicle by which I could raise money and donate to some of my favorite charities, I was more inspired than ever to ensure the success of this company, not only as a business venture, but as a worthy philanthropic endeavor. An official year-round operation was launched in October 2015. Through Seacoast Sweets, I hope to inspire my younger siblings, embedding within them strong work ethic. I hope to inspire fellow entrepreneurs, serving as a poster-child for what happens when one follows his or her passion. I hope to inspire women, proving to them that not only can women achieve success in the male-dominated commercial real estate industry, but as independent business owners as well.  


Seacoast Sweets donates $1.00 for every box sold to charitable efforts.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your cause - all requests should be sent to 

Latest Charity Contribution: Dream Big! (Boston, MA) works to empower girls from low-income situations by providing them with the basic items and fees needed to participate in sports and physical activities that contribute to their health, education, and overall well-being. 

Past Charitable Contributions:
 (monetary/product): Boston Medical Center; MMRF 5K (Multiple Myeloma); SPG47 (Spastic Parapalegia); Special Olympics MA; Mission Trips



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