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On 2017-08-30 by Gina Gesso-Klepeis
I just attended a wedding in Boston for my niece. Your peppermints were on the tables - two wrapped with a lovely bow as the favors. I made sure that I put one in my purse. As we drove home back to New York I unwrapped one and broke it into several pieces thinking I'd just have a taste. A taste led to eating the entire peppermint savoring ever bite. It was absolutely out of this world. So minty, so flavorful, as each piece melted in my mouth - one of the best peppermint mints I have ever had! 
On 2017-07-03 by Debbie Naroff Scott
I cannot say enough about this establishment, I just sent a shout out on my FB page. We ate them at Hotel Commonwealth, and I then ordered them on-line for family and myself. There was a problem in the mail and mine came melted. Not only was Kirstyn so on top of it and sorry wanting to make it right, but she sent me a much bigger box to my home - they have so much integrity and care in the people they serve, and their product and making people happy - if every business were run this well, the world would be a happier place! I recommend them 100%.
On 2017-04-01 by Joanie Latauskas
Peanut butter patty is best I've ever comparison to any other peanut butter type cup. So delicious! Peppermint patty delicious as well. Both had perfect blend of flavors :)
On 2016-12-22 by a gerbitz
My husband gets a box of your fantastic sweets each year for Christmas from someone he does business with. Lets just say we are most excited about this gift each year out of all of them. Your product is excellent and the box is gone in a very short time! Also, I did not realize your donate to Dream Big until I came to write my review...makes me like your product even more!
On 2016-12-14 by Maria Lazaris
OBSESSED with these chocolates!! By far the best treat you'll ever have!!!
On 2016-5-24 by Anonymous
Peanut Butter patty is out of this world! It has no comparison to the Reese's cups and I think it has to do with the semi-sweet/dark chocolate blend on the patty. Such a treat - would absolutely recommend for gifts to family, friends, or just yourself!
On 2016-4-27 by Anonymous
The peanut butter patty is INSANE!!!! 
On 2016-3-15 by Anonymous
1. These are all truly amazing. 2. You shouldn't put the peppermint in the sampler. The other kinds tasted like peppermint. 3. I wish you lots of success! (Owner note: Thank you so much for your feedback! We've just added an additional wrapping layer to the peppermint to curb this from happening. More than happy to send you a free box, simply shoot us an email!)
On 2016-2-24 by Maribeth Lynch
AMAZING. STUPENDOUS. OFF-THE-CHARTS-GOOD. When my sample box arrived, with the tasteful packaging, I wondered if the chocolate would be as good as the packaging. Let's just say that as soon as I finish this review, I will be placing an order to have these gems send to a few of my clients. And from now on, whenever I want to send a sweet something to anyone (friends, family, clients, colleague) I will look no further than Seacoast Sweets. The chocolates are out of this world good--plus I love Kirstyn's story and her business! Way to GO!
On 2016-01-26 by Katie Shernan
5 Stars! Seacoast Sweets is the whole shebang with a lovely owner, beautiful packaging, and insanely delicious chocolate!
On 2016-01-07 by Val
I can't even...Seriously can't think of the right words to describe how amazing the peppermint patties are! Presentation, packaging, etc. are on point as well.
On 2016-01-05 by Eleanor McGeehan
Your chocolates are awesome. Thank you.
On 2016-01-04 by Anonymous
I bought two packages for holiday gifts, what a nice surprise! They are terrific!
On 2015-11-20 by LUCIA
Literally obsessed with Seacoast Sweets, especially the s'mores patties. Delicious and beautifully packaged. Can't get enough!
On 2015-11-10 by Darcy Brisbin
I was just given a box of your assorted patties as a gift and immediately googled you to find out how I order all of my family a box. Such a great story to go along with a thoughtful, quaint, delectable box of sweets. Love that you give back to women with your profits. Best wishes in all.
On 2015-11-05 by Lauren Kaminker
I have been hooked on Seacoast Sweets for 5 years now and wanted to share the love with my family and friends on the most important day of my life. I contacted Kirstyn to inquire about purchasing a large quantity as favors for my wedding, and couldn't have been happier with my decision! She was very responsive, offering many unique ideas and options to help customize the order to my needs. They arrived beautifully packaged the day of my wedding, I even had a few that morning... I had 225 people at the wedding, and by the end of the night I saw many guests trying to steal the s'more patties off of other tables before they were all gone! Everyone is still raving on how delicious they are! Way to go Seacoast Sweets and thank you for helping make our special day that much sweeter.
On 2015-11-02 by Anonymous
We received our first box of Seacoast Sweets as a gift and fell hook, line and sinker!!! These are delicious and unmatched in the marketplace. Can't wait to try out the new flavors!
On 2015-10-25 by Christina Nalband
Oh my gosh! These chocolates are amazing. Kirstyn and her team were so easy to work with when catering my corporate event. Can't say it enough - highly recommend Seacoast Sweets!
On 2015-10-23 by Bri Magliozzi
For the past few years, my family has received a box of the delicious peppermint patties from a family friend for Christmas. They have become a special treat that we look forward to around the holidays and are all ecstatic that they are now being made year round
On 2015-10-23 by Julianne Burch
These chocolates are phenomenal! They're not just tasty, they are beautifully presented. You can tell that Kirstyn puts all her love and effort into making these yummy treats. I just wish there was a never-ending supply in every box.
On 2015-10-19 by Auntie Susie
Kirstyn has done Grampa's recipe proud. Her new flavors are of the same high caliber. I'm a sucker for the coconut and am looking forward to my holiday fix. I have given and received Seacoast Sweets as gifts. Be prepared for big smiles and lots of yummy noises.
On 2015-02-08 by Anonymous
Got a box as a gift--loved them so much I sent boxes to my clients as gifts. Yum!
On 2014-12-26 by Mary Abraham
I LOVE Seacoast Sweets!!! Not only are they spectacularly delicious...but what sets them apart from other treats is that they are made with TLC. I know Kirstyn on a personal level and I know that she puts so much behind every single pattie she makes. Be sure to try the peanut butter flavor - you can't go wrong. ;)
On 2014-11-12 by Paloma
These are great and make the perfect gift! They are always perfectly wrapped and there’s something about knowing it was handmade and assembled :) we gave them to my parents and in-laws as wedding gifts and they absolutely love it! So worth trying it!
On 2014-10-23 by Monica
I had the fortunate opportunity to witness Kirstyn create her Seacoast Sweets vision while we were college roommates four years ago. I am truly amazed at how amazing these chocolates are and how much hard work and dedication goes into each and every pattie. She is constantly revamping recipes to get that perfect taste and introducing new flavors but I am still partial to the original peppermint and peanut butter. You can’t go wrong with the assorted pack as it gives you the opportunity to try everything! It’s perfect for holiday parties, family, friends, and the mid-day slump at the office. Keep up the good work Kirst, can’t wait to place my first order of the season :)
On 2014-10-23 by Debbie B.
I absolutely love these! I have bought them many times as gifts and everyone I have given them too have loved them too! We love all the flavors! Can't wait to order some more for the holidays!
On 2014-10-23 by Liz N
These are addicting - peanut butter is my absolute favorite. I love that these are handmade in Boston and the presentation is lovely as well. I always look forward to November/December when I can enjoy them again!
On 2014-10-23 by Amber W.
Best candies ever! I have enjoyed these for years. Love the peppermint and the s' more.....but you can't go wrong with any of the wonderful flavors. They taste so fresh and can't buy anything close in a store, making them perfect gifts! Eat em up!
On 2014-10-22 by Aliza R.
Seacoast Sweets is a holiday staple! A box of these unbelievable chocolates is perfect for holiday gatherings and is such a crowd pleaser. The s'more flavor is incredible and you can't just have one but very flavor is terrific-definitely order these chocolates!
On 2014-10-22 by Diane H.
Every year my order gets larger for these delicious chocolate patties! My favorite is the classic peppermint. Our family and friends rave about each and every flavor. The assorted box is the best to give as a gift so the recipient can try each one. My husband gave Seacoast Sweets as gifts to his clients last Christmas and has already had requests for more this year. If you love chocolate, look no further for the best gourmet chocolates in New England!
On 2014-10-22 by Kara D.
As an admitted chocoholic, the holiday season (and any day for that matter) is incomplete without Seacoast Sweets. I find it hard to choose just one amazing flavor so it's best to get the variety pack with coconut, peanut butter, s'mores and the classic peppermint. I've been gifting Seacoast Sweets to friends and family when they host for the holidays - everyone raves about them and now it is an expectation every year! Huge thanks to Kirstyn Pearl for bringing such happiness into the world.
On 2014-10-22 by Lauren G.
The s'more are a must have at family holiday parties- they will wow your guests. I have picked them up personally, and have also shipped many boxes to New York and can honestly say they taste as fresh and delicious shipped as they do off the line from Kirstyn's kitchen. Do yourself a favor and order an assorted box so you can try them all. You won't regret it!
On 2014-10-22 by Jeff Mangano
I look forward to these every Christmas!! Peanut Butter Patties for the win!!!!
On 2014-10-22 by Tory O'Neill
The s'mores are to die for, but really they are all phenomenal. A perfect party gift for all your christmas parties, or your childrens teachers, or coworkers. Or treat yourself! You deserve it!
On 2014-10-22 by Lauren D
I look forward to Seacoast Sweets every holiday season! They are a great gift and an even better treat to myself. My favorite is the s'mores, I'm hooked! These handmade, local sweets make the perfect touch to any family/friend holiday gift. I wish I could pre-order, is that possible?! EEK!
On 2014-10-22 by Shauna Dacus
I tried Seacoast Sweets last year for the first time and now I'm seriously hooked. Every flavor is better than the last and makes picking a favorite super hard. You can't go wrong - everyone loves them! :)
On 2014-10-22 by Kate
Delicious peppermint & peanut butter patties, Kirstyn! The peppermint are definitely my favorite holiday treat! Can't wait to try the s'mores patty this year!


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